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Wymondham Gathering

November 05 2014 - Rally Reports Category

​Wymondham usually hosts a small steam gathering the weekend after the Bedfordshire Steam & Country Show. This year the National Traction Engine Trust road run meant that most engines were unavailable in September and so the event moved to November 1st.

The event centres around the Railway Pub and of particular note among attendees was Simon Bean with his newly acquired Aveling & Porter Tractor ‘Margaret’ previously owned by Rodney Jakes of Bedfordshire.

Also in attendance were Rodney Timpson & David Chilvers with Rodney’s Fowler Agricultural ‘Countess’ and Shaun Garrod with his 9” Foden Tractor

The weather was good, if not better than that usually enjoyed in September, and all present had a very enjoyable day out


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