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Rundle’s & Epton’s Open Day

October 26 2015 - Rally Reports Category

‚ÄčA regular end of season feature on the Lincolnshire Rally calendar is the joint open days held in the adjoining yards of the Rundle & Epton families of New Bollingbroke. Both families have a long association not just with road steam preservation, but with the working days of steam.

Indeed the Rundle family still own an engine they purchased new; Foster 13149 ‘Venture. She was new as a tractor but converted to a showman’s engine during her working life. After a period of hibernation she was recently put back into steam. The families other showman’s engine the Brown & May ‘General Buller’ was also present in one of the sheds, though not in steam. Sitting beside ‘Buller’ was a brand new set of gallopers under construction for the firm of M & D Taylor and destined for Edinburgh’s Winter Wonderland later in the year.

Elsewhere in the yard there were several further engines, including two other Fosters; The Ragsdale’s tractor ‘Abigail’ and the Matthew Sheldon with Foster Showman’s Tractor ‘Endeavour’

Moving next door to the Epton side of the event, the entire yard was filled with Classic Cars and Trucks, of every shape as size. A Fowler Road Loco and portable were in the corner behind the vast array of vehicles and the final two steam exhibits in the yard were three speed Fosters. These being the Epton families ‘John Michael’ and Andrew Walings ‘Lord of the Isles’


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