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Rundles & Eptons Open Day 2016

October 17 2016 - Articles Category

‚ÄčThe annual open day of the Rundle & Epton families at their neighbouring yards in Lincolnshire is a firmly established end of season tradition. This year a heavy shower early on affected the turn our of exhibits, particularly the classic cars, but overall there were plenty of spectators on hand to enjoy the day.

On the Rundle side of the event, there was a Savage of Kings Lynn theme to things. Exhibits included the Savage galloper centre engine ‘Sanspareil’ owned by the Rundle family and a first public appearance under steam power of Dave Ragsdale’s centre engine ‘Lilly’. This engine was rebuilt from a pile of parts onto a false boiler and trolley, steam was provided by Dave’s Foster Tractor ‘Abigail’.

On a first time visit was recently restored Aveling & Porter tractor No.9228, and also on display was the unique Brown & May Showman’s Engine ‘General Buller’, another exhibit from the Rundle family.

Over in Epton’s yard was our chairman Andrew Waling’s Foster Showman’s Tractor No.14589, which was parked in front of the Epton’s family engine of the same type and make ‘John Michael’. A first time visitor was Rob Tyler’s recently acquired Burrell Gold Medal Tractor which looks stunning on its original unrubbered strakes.


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