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Road Run - Route Notes & Timings

July 29 2015 - Club Events Category

​Following a final run of the route last night by the organising committee we are pleased to share the details of the routes for Saturday & Sunday together with rough timings


Engines will begin leaving Webb’s Yard at Acton between 9.30 and 10.30 (some engines may leave slightly earlier or later depending on speed). They will turn left out of the yard and head for Sudbury, passing through the towns one way system and approaching the bottom of Ballingdon Hill. At the traffic lights they will turn right heading for Bulmer and The Belchamps. This is a hilly section with plenty of excellent viewing positions to see the engines working hard. They will then carry on the road to Ashley Coopers Museum (which will be sign posted off the main road). The aim is to arrive here at around 11.30 - 12.00 and stop for an half an hour or more. The engines will then proceed to Gestingthorpe, turning left at the village green for a lunch stop at ‘The Pheasant’ where a BBQ and refreshments will be available. The arrival time at ‘The Pheasant’ is planned for 1pm

It is envisaged that most engines will have departed by 2pm and will then proceed along the road from the pub and follow it all the way back into Sudbury and down the steep incline of Ballingdon Hill. The engines will pass through Sudbury heading for Long Melford and will spend the afternoon in the street centred around the Cock & Bell Pub. Arrival time in Melford is planned for 3pm or just after. Engines will start returning to the yard at their leisure, though it is possible some of the showmans engines may generate light into the evening. This will depend upon various factors and is not guaranteed


Several engines will be returning to their home bases on Sunday and so will not participate in the run. Those remaining will leave the yard around 10.30 turning right and heading for Little Waldingfield passing through the village and heading down the B1115 in the direction of Swingleton Green. The engines will proceed up Swingleton Hill which is a very steep incline and will be a perfect spot for spectators. They will then head towards Milden, stopping for a private tour of Hawker Racing & Restoration at around 12pm. The engines will then travel back to Little Waldingfield to The Swan for Lunch (2pm) and aim to return to the yard between 3.30 and 4pm

This will conclude the East Anglian Traction Engine Societies 60th Anniversary Road Run, we hope you can join us for this memorable occasion


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