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Road Run Entry List

July 26 2015 - Club Events Category

The final entries have been received for the coming weekends Diamond Jubilee Road Run and the Society has great pleasure in announcing the following entrants

Further details about timing will be made available Wednesday following the final planning meeting on Tuesday evening

Steam Entries

1 Aveling & Porter Roller No.10126, T Nunn

2 Aveling Barford Roller AC621, W Childs

3 Wallis & Steevens Tractor 7372, P Whipps

4 Foden Steam Wagon 11538, A Eatwell

5 Fowler Roller 15490, J Baxter

6 Robey Showmans Tractor No.41492, A Hines

7 Aveling & Porter Roller No.10718, S Hines

8 Garrett Tractor No.33829, J Smith

9 Clayton & Shuttleworth Traction Engine No.32900, J Garwood

10 Aveling & Porter Roller No.8837, D Chidgey

11 Burrell Showmans Engine No.3926, K Honour

12 Stanley Steam Car, R Baker

13 Aveling & Porter Roller No.2941, M Garwood

14 Garrett Showmans Tractor No.33358, K Swann

15 Foster Showmans Tractor No.14589, A Waling

16 Foden Tractor No.14078, C Webb

17 Burrell Showmans Tractor No.3433, S Webb

18 Garrett Tractor No.34539, C Baker

Non Steam Entries

1 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith, P Kelling

2 Morris 8 Series Z Van, A Brown

3 Aveling & Porter Roller with McLaren Diesel Conversion, M Vine

4 Model T Ford Car, A Waling

Miniature Steam Entries

1 4” Dodman Traction Engine, B Rice

2 4” McLaren Showmans Engine, T Baxter

Water for the engines will be provided by the local Clare Commer Fire Engine and Crew


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