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NTET Made In Ipswich Event

December 10 2018 -

​We recently took part in another of the NTET events on Facebook. This time the event #BuiltinIpswich focused on engines built by Ransomes.

For those without an account below is a recap of the information shared.

Lets start today’s #builtinipswich posts by returning to the very first rally of the East Anglian Traction Engine Club, which was held at Saling Aerodrome on July 9th 1955.

Ransomes, Sims & Jeffries compound traction engine 41046 “Enterprise” was owned at the time by the late Dick Martino, she is now based in Cornwall.

Photo: J.Meredith.


This smart Ransomes, Sims & Jeffries traction engine No. 15012 was seen on the Ely Showground in 1964 with Richard Gallyon and Vic Camps. She is now based in the midlands.

Photo: B. Camps.

The first steam engines used in agriculture were portable engines such as this one, the Ransomes, Sims & Jeffries no. 27278. Affectionately known as “Little Lucy”, this smart little engine has been owned for many years by our former President, Duncan Marston.

The 6nhp Ransomes, Sims & Jeffries traction engine no.31298 “Garioch Queen” spent her working life in Scotland working for a threshing contractor.
Since 1979 she has been owned by Barry Peacock of Wiburton near Ely. Barry is descended from a family of threshing contractors and she is often seen threshing or baling.

She is seen at out 25th anniversary celebrations in 1980, taking part in the road run with a full set of tackle, and then threshing at the rally the same weekend.

Ransomes engines were especially popular in the Republic of Ireland, and this one, no. 27277 spent her working life there, having been diverted from Russia due to the Revolution.

She is owned by Society member John Garrod, and we look forward to seeing her out and about again next year.

Our photo today was taken at Thurlow Rally in 2009.

Ransomes, Sims & Jeffries No. 15278 “Chieftain” spent her whole working life in Essex before entering preservation with the Swan family of Wimbish. She was purchased by the present owner, Stephen Haylock, in an auction sale at Chilford Hall near Cambridge. She is seen at the 1968 Haverhill Rally, and at Haddenham in 2017.

An engine that was a regular at our early club events was Ransomes, Sims & Jeffries No. 18504. She was restored by Gerald and Basil Beavis of Stapleford near Cambridge in the early 1960s.

The colour picture shows her attending the Ickleton rally in 1962.

Another Ransomes traction engine owned by one of our Society members is no, 26995 “Mendip Lady”, owned by Richard Hemington and due to reappear on our rally fields next year after extensive work.

She is seen at a 1960s rally, and taking part in the first “Millers Trail” road run in 2001.

An engine #builtinipswich,but which spent its working life far away is this Ransomes, Sims & Jeffries Light Agricultural Locomotive no. 36020, which carried out general haulage and timber work for Sena Sugar Estates Ltd in Mozambique.

She was restored to her current condition by the owner, J.J.Forshaw.



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