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Audley End Steam Gala

June 05 2014 -

The clubs annual visit to Audley End Miniature Railway was sadly rather damp this year. However the show went ahead with a good turnout of both exhibitors and visitors.

There were fewer full size Traction Engines than usual this year due to the usual cycle of engines being under repair, but there was a fine selection none the less. Keith Honour and John Hunt had both roaded their engines (Burrell Showmans ‘Margaret & a Marshall ‘S’ Type Roller) from Stansted. The Pumfrey’s also came along with their Ruston ‘Success’ which has spent its entire life in the local area.

There were several miniatures on display, Glen Prince’s freshly painted 4” Foster sat alongside Doug Fleet’s 6w 4.5” Foden Wagon. Fresh out (though not in steam) was Jenny Baxter’s 4” Mclaren Road Locomotive

Finally sitting beside the railway before it enters the woodland was Ian Couchman with his steam fire pump spraying a near constant jet of water in an archway over the railway line



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