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2015 AGM

November 26 2015 - Club Events Category

​This year the Society & Club AGM was held at the Museum of Power at Langford in Essex.

The meeting began with the Role of Honour. A listing of all members who had passed on in the previous 12 months followed by a minute’s silence

With this concluded Andrew Waling explained the changes to membership rates that were being implemented following the meeting. Modest rises of £1 on Standard & Family Membership plus £2 on the OAP rate have been agreed to help the Society combat rising costs of insurance, printing & postage

Officer’s reports then followed, showing the Society to be in good health, and that much hard work goes on behind the scenes by all members of the committee to ensure the smooth running of club business.

After the reports, the next item of business was the election of the committee. This began with outgoing President Keith Honour handing over the ceremonial EATES medallion to his successor John ‘Smudge’ Smith. Chris Brighty after five years as chairman was standing down and handed the meeting to the new President to elect his replacement. Only one nomination had been received for the role and Andrew Waling was duly elected as EATES Chairman, with Kevin Baldwin returning to the committee as Vice Chair.

There were no further changes among the committee, although a couple of members stood down and were not replaced. These being Ollie Owen and Rachel Brighty.

The Society would like to thank all those who stood down for their service over the previous year. The new committee have much to work on including a thorough review of the EATES constitution, as well as the usual events that are held throughout the year

In keeping with the current ‘rotation’ policy of AGM’s it is hoped to hold the next AGM in Cambridgeshire


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